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Why Choose Us

For Customers – Why choose Amazon Exports?

  • Access to quality Granite and Marble Mines at competitive prices backed by sound knowledge of international supplying and consuming markets.
  • Amazon Exports is totally independent offering product from a wide range of sources. We are not a branch office or limited in our procurement or sales to any region.
  • Wide range of colour and sizes available, multi-item shipping from single source/country in many cases.
  • Fast response to your enquiries and requirements, always looking to tailor the best possible product at the most competitive price to suit buyer's needs.
  • Flexible and knowledgeable approach – we like challenges and have built our reputation on offering products and specifications where others fail.
  • Clear and concise offers, contracts and documentation.
  • Offering flexible and varied forms of payments in the currency of your choice.
  • Long term relationships built through understanding your business, getting to know you personally, developing trust and maintaining a friendly approach to trade.

For Suppliers – Why choose Amazon Exports?

  • Our Sales market, Buyer with whom we work and order we take from market are carefully choosen after extensive market research and follow latest market trends and requirements, visit our buyer regularly and bring expertise in supply best products of thier specialized interest.
  • Suppliers to Amazon Exports include Mine Owners, Gang Saw and Cutter size manufacturing plants.
  • We offer a secure single point of entry to a market, backed up by extensive market knowledge and experience.
  • As a well-financed trading operation enables Amazon Exports to offers its supplier’s one of the best payment records in the industry and security from bad debts.